VizKey™ is the software environment for analysts and investigators to collect, represent, explore and provide information in an understandable form for the recipient. VizKey™ depicts large amounts of information in a graphic form and represents data by objects and their relationships. Together with the functionality of data analysis, it helps to understand what is happening, to find and identify key figures and events.The most outstanding distinctness of VizKey™ is that the software consists of several inseparable modules:

– Interface for creating charts and information analysis.
– Database.
– Interface for data import.
– Interface for making queries to external databases.

To work with VizKey™, the user does not need any special knowledge in IT. The working environment is simple and understandable; an ordinary user can make all necessary activities without having any IT assistance.


  • A multi-user system with a database on a server.
  • A program for a single user or department.

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